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Name : John Fenton
Biography :


Woodstock artist John Fenton is known as a surrealist painter whose work often evokes the contorted Gothic images of a Bosch, Holbein or Durer.  Yet the expression one sees in these figures is not one of agony but, rather, a more modern torment:  bewilderment.

Fenton studied at the Art Students League and Paris' famed Atelier 17. He won the Gold Medal at the NAD 133rd Annual in 1958 for his "Laundresses". He exhibited at MOMA, the Corcoran, the Butler, the NAD, and frequently at Babcock Galleries, among others. He was a noted printmaker as well as painter and often described Christian and Jewish themes in his work.  Many of his works feature elongated hands and corpulent, curvaceous figures.  Here, too, the traditional religious message seems to be turned around.  These figures seem to be less a commentary on the weakness of the flesh than the sexuality inherent in it.

Fenton's work can be found in the Brooklyn Museum, among others.

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