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Name : Jose (Fernandez) Mijares
Biography :


Cuban painter Jose Fernandez Mijares was renowned for his pioneering exploration of geometric abstraction in Cuba in the 50s and his neo-Baroque compositions of his exile period.

 Like his better-known compatriot Wilfredo Lam,  Mijares  fused a variety of European modernist, colonial and native influences into his work including surrealism, geometric abstraction, baroque elements from Cubas's colonial past and elements of expressionism.  Mijares' abstract period dates from the 1950s  His most famous works are those of stylized “turn-of-the-century” female theater goers, dressed in very flamboyant evening wear, from the period of the 1970’s through late 1990’s. The intense blues and greens of the paintings that he called vitrales allude to colonial stained-glass windows.

Mijares emigrated to the United States from Cuba in 1968. He participated in biennials in Sao Paulo and Venice.



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