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Name : Karl Klingbiel
Biography :

 Klingbiel's recent work is a series of gestural, abstract paintings notable for the coloristic range, radiant intensity of mark making and a felt, vabratory undertow which animates their comlex surface structures. Although expressionist in spirit, his work is the antithesis of instinctual impressions on a canvas.  He begins his work by establishing a skeletal structure and his configurations reference a variety of sources, be they historic or contemporaneous.

His work has a certain literary quality to it, as if asking to be "read" rather than viewed. His markings suggest and hint at, rather than signfify, words, images or ideas.  In this he has clearly been influenced by his time at Yale University in the 1980s where he received an MFA in Fine Art.  Yale has been a center of literary theory which suggests different ways to read, or deconstruct, a text.  It is this suggestive, elusive quality which, in our opinion, most most animates his work.  Klingbiel is after the mystery that grabs us and always takes us further.  Indeed, he writes: " I know the painting is finished when adding and taking away become the same thing...When this happens, I don't capture the elusiveness I am after but allow the context for the elusive to emerge."

 Klingbiel's work is in the collection of the MOMA and the Agnes Gund Collection.  He has shown at Gallery Florian sundheimer, Munich; Elizabeth Moore Fine Art, NYC; and Plevan and Masters, NYC, among others.

Lawrence Fine Art will open "Left Bank Brooklyn" featuring Klingbiel's work on September 28.  For a review of the show, please click here.

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