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Name : Judy Mauer
Biography :

Judy Mauer's "Doll" Series looks at department store mannequins but also the surrounding architecture and scene as it is reflected back to her. The works are done en camera, not photoshopped. The resulting images are geometric, full of action and just this side of "tongue in cheek:"  Mauer calls New York "the gift that just keeps on giving." Judy writes of her work:

I shoot dolls in New York: mannequins in store windows, the reflections of the architecture and the scene on the street. Each image contains the elements that tell the story of that particular moment. 

These are all reflections. There has been no post-production or manipulation. 


As you see them on the page is how I saw them on the street.


New York is the gift that keeps on giving. 

Limited editions of 10.  Multiple sizes available.  Accompanied by COA.

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