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Name : Jeffrey Neumann
Biography :

 Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Jeffrey Neumann’s work reminds one of the American regionalism, or social realism, of a Grant Wood or Thomas Hart Benton. However, this is a different America that Neuman paints, not a prelapsarian view of America, but one that takes as its subject matter quintessential post-war America, an America defined by its highways and cars. America after the fall.

Everyone has taken a roadtrip with family or friends and knows the monotony and commercialization of the highway. This is a crass world, not a beautiful one. Neuman takes a new look and finds the beauty of the vernacular architecture of the highway. This world is rapidly vanishing as America continues to reinvent itself, tear down and rebuild.

Neumann’s work eschews the hard-edged realism of the photorealistis such as Richard Estes. Rather he paints in a softer, more painterly fashion. Obviously, Hopper comes to mind, but there is less of a psychological element to Neumann’s work,  in our opinion, and more of an emphasis on the here and now. Cheerful yes, moody no.

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