Lawrence Fine Art

Name : Janet Mait
Biography :

 Mait’s work is unnerving in a sense: Her compositions seem as if they are stacked haphazardly, about to fall, but they never do. This is the “high wire” of the show’s title. Mait’s compositional technique involves the tense balance of form, color and space, what Hans Hoffman might have called the “pushpull.” Out of this tension emerge graceful abstractions that seem to float up out of the canvas and into your heart. 

Mait has studied with Chaim Gross and Larry Poons at the Art Students League, as well as William Scharf, who in turn was a protégé of Rothko. It is from Rothko that we believe Mait gets the shimmering sense of light in her work. 

Mait’s work is in several notable collections including that of the Conde-Nast Collection.  


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