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Name : Jean Lambert-Rucki
Biography :

 Born in Poland, Lambert-Rucki (1888-1967) joined the migration of Eastern European artists, many of them Jewish, who settled in Paris between the two world wars and become known as the the Ecole de Paris, the Paris School of painters.

Lambert-Rucki was friends with Moise Kisling and well acquainted with Soutine and Modigliani.  He had his first exhibition in 1919 at the Salon d'Automn. He also exhibited at the Salon des Independents. He was represented by Leonce Rosenberg, brother of Paul Rosenberg, and one of the major dealers of modern art.

Lambert-Rucki was known for his early cubist work.  He also painted in a surrealist style and for his Art-Deco/African tribal art- inspired sculptures. He collaborated with famed Art Deco furniture designer Jean Dunand, as well.

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