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Name : Athos Zacharias
Biography :

 At 89 years-old, Athos Zacharias is a last living link, if not the last living link, to the first generation of Abstract Expressionist painters, many of whom spent significant periods of time on the East End of Long Island. He worked as an assistant to Elaine Dekooning, was Bill DeKooning's first assistant and worked for Lee Krasner, Grace Hartigan and Alfonso Ossorio. 

But he was much more than an artist's assistant. Although half a generation younger, he was and is an artist in his own right and part of the "New York School," the group that made post-war New York and America the new center of artistic expression. Zacharias first met DeKooning at the famed Cedar Bar in the late 50s, and their friendship grew from there.  Dekooning writes about Zacharias:  "I can say he was one of us...Zacharias was as much in the middle of it as anyone." Elaine DeKooning writes of Zacharias:  "Athos Zacharias, as a painter, has serendipity:  his colors and forms always charge into the right place at the right time."

Zacharias was a teacher and is an artist of note, his work in numerous museum collections, including the Corcoran, and he has participated in numerous solo and group shows, many of them on the East End of Long Island.

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