Lawrence Fine Art

Name : George Schulman
Biography :

George Schulman's wildly exuberant, colorful and kinetic paintings take the viewer on a roller coaster ride in and out of the pictorial plane. Viewed from one perspective, they look like Candy Land-like maps of a fantasy place. 


Their inspiration and construction come from a variety of places.  Schulman is the son of a seamstress and tailor, and his forms seem to mimic zippers, buttons and the detritus of a NYC sweat shop. Artistic inspiration includes Valazquez, Seurat, of course Matisse,  long-time mentor and colleauge Knox Martin but also the many Street artists Schulman got to know in the 80s and 90s.


Lawrence Fine Art featured Schulman's art as part of its "New Voices" exhibition, July 2015.


Schulman lives and works on Long Island, New York.

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