Lawrence Fine Art

Name : William (Bill) Alpert
Biography :

 As art dealers, we have had frequent opportunity to consider the following questions: Why are some artists, well-known in the day, virtually forgotten after their death? Why do some artists achieve early prominence and then seem to drop from the scene? Often, and is the case with Bill Alpert (1934-2015), the answer is very prosaic. In Alpert's case, he could not abide the commerciality of the art business and, so, after a slew of exhibitions from 1965-1980, he "dropped out." He devoted the rest of his life to teaching at Cooper Union even as he continued to paint privately. After his death, we acquired his estate as part of our "Rediscovered Masters" program. Most of these works have never been shown or, indeed, seen before.


Alpert was a conceptual or, perhaps, theoretical artist. He was interested in the physical characteristics of paint and the surface on which it lay. How does the viscosity of the paint or the absorbancy of the surface change the dynamics of the image? Consequently, his work often proceeded by iteration as he experimented over and over.

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