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Name : Diana Kurz
Biography :

Diana Kurz (b. 1938) was born into a wealthy Austrian-Jewish family whose business was Aryanized after the Anschluss forcing the family to flee, first to Spain, then across Europe, and finally to the United States. Brought up as a "normal" American girl, Kurz always wanted to be an artist. She studied at Brandeis, at Hunter with Robert Motherwell and received her MFA from Columbia. She received instruction from Hans Hoffmann, studied with Phillip Guston and Phillip Pearlstein and painted with Mercedes Matter. At her first exhibition at 21, her work was placed next to that of DeKooning.

The story of the post-WWII New York School artists is still being written. The role of women in the art of the day still needs examination and study. Kurz is one such example. Told that she shouldn't compete in a man's domain, Kurz chose not to exhibit for many years. Lawrence Fine Art is proud to offer the work of Kurz, one of the "Women of AbEx."

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