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Name : Michael (Corinne) West
Biography :

 The story of the post-war female artists remains an open book, as new discoveries and rediscoveries are being made every day. Museums, critics and collectors continue to search out female artists of the period. One of these is Michael (Corinne) West, who can legitimately be considered a first generation New York School artist.

West was an extraordinary woman and artist, and a few paragraphs cannot do her justice, so what we offer here is just a beginning for the interested collector.
Born in 1908 in the Midwest, West moved to New York in 1932 to pursuit her artistic passion. There she began her studies at the Art Students League in the first class taught by Hans Hofmann. He would remain an influence throughout her career. She would say at one point in her career about her use of color: "My color is psychological just as Hofmann's is."
Another prominent figure in her life, and one with whom she would develop an intimate, romantic relationship, was the artist Arshile Gorky. West and Gorky spent countless hours visiting local museums, in particular the Metropolitan, and discussing art. Gorky introduced the younger artist to important sources for West’s work, such as European Surrealism. West avidly read the work of Surrealist writers such as André Breton and Isidore Ducasse, and drew on their celebration of the operations of the unconscious mind in her art.
West also had a career-long interest in mysticism and Eastern thought. In her work, she looked for the inner reality of things. Unlike other abstract expressionist painters, who tried to lose themselves in the painting, she preferred to maintain "an intense state of consciousness."
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