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Name : Edith Kramer
Biography :



Edith Kramer is world-renowned as a pioneer in the field of Art Therapy. Founder of the graduate program at New York University, she has authored seminal papers and books, and is renowned as a social realist painter, sculptor, print-maker and mosaicist. Her work encompasses the now non-existent world of pre-war Europe as well as the vibrant world of New York City where she came as a refugee.  There is often a sense of loneliness and solitude to her work, perhaps a result of her young adult years spent in Nazi Austria.

Her artistic philosophy also reflects this sense of loss:    "To us, the artists of the end of the twentieth century, the art of the Western world has become history, in Europe as well as in America. We can admire it and study it, but we no longer own it. The weight of accumulated wisdom that empowered the revolution of modern art is no longer with us."

Edith Kramer was born in Vienna in 1916. She is a niece of writer Theodor Kramer and actress Elisabeth Neumann-Viertel. From 1929 to 1934 she attended the reform-pedagogical Schwarzwald school. From 1934 to 1938 she was an art student of Friedl Dicker. Among her parents' friends were many artists and psychoanalysts such as Siegfried Bernfeld, Wilhelm and Annie Reich.

 Edith Kramer is now in her 90s and lives in Vienna.


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