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  • George Schulman: Sweet Small Things

  •  Lawrence Fine Art is pleased to present "George Schulman:  Sweet Small Things" opening February 22 on Artsy and running for two weeks.  

    "The exhibition will provide an attractive entry point for collectors of Schulman's work or for those with a limited budget," explained Gallery Director Howard Shapiro.  "All works will be $3,000 or less with some under $1000. No work will be larger than 24 x 24." 

     George Schulman's wildly exuberant, colorful and kinetic paintings and collages take the viewer on a roller coaster ride in and out of the pictorial plane. Viewed from one perspective, they can look like Candy Land-like maps of a fantasy place.

    On-line at Artsy

  • Rolph Scarlett: Works on Paper 1920s-1950s

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will open an on-line selling exhibition of Rolph Scarlett's works from the 1920s-1950s on Artsy.  The exhibition will survey Scarlett's work in early modernism, surrealism, geometric abstraction, drip and abstract expressionism. Click here.

    On-line at Artsy

  • "Amaranth Ehrenhalt: 60 Years of Works on Paper"

  • The story of the post-WWII New York School painters is still being written, with the story of the female artists of that era still underappreciated. A well-timed show at the Denver Art Museum this past summer explored the contribution of the "Women of Abstract Expressionism," such as Elaine DeKooning, Joan Mitchell, Grace Hartigan, Perle Fine and others.  One of the last living members of that group is Amaranth Ehrenhalt.

    Ehrenhalt journeyed to Paris after the war and settled there as an expatriate artist for the next fifty-odd years. Le Select Cafe was the place where artists and cognoscenti met. There she met the noted German artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, with whom she became lovers. There Ehrenhalt met Beauford Delaney and Yves Klein, among others. There she befriended Giacometti. And there she exhibited with, among others, Joan Mitchell and Sam Francis.

    Ehrenhalt's work on canvas, in tapestry or in sculpture reveals a fluid sense of ease and a breadth of mastery as she pursues her own lyrical vision of abstraction over time. Like any great artist, she is always experimenting and, often simultaneously, moving back to familiar themes.
    We are particularly attracted to her watercolors and gouaches. Lawrence Fine Art will often an on-line only exhibition of her works on paper for sale composed over a period of 50-60 years. To see a half-century of her work in this medium is to see consummate accomplishment.
    The works will be available for viewing and sale on here. The exhibition opens January 18th and closes February 15.

    On-line at Artsy

  • "Arthur Pinajian: Mid-century Abstractions" Opens October 8

  •  Lawrence Fine Art is pleased to announce that it will exhibit works by Arthur Pinajian from Thursday, October 6th though Wednesday, October 26. The exhibition will focus on works on paper, particularly mid-century abstraction, but will also show oils and abstracted landscapes. This is the third showing of Pinajian’s work at the gallery.  There will be an opening reception on Saturday, October 8th from 6:30-9:00 pm. The opening takes place on the weekend of the Hamptons International Film Festival.

    37 Newtown Lane (in the passageway) East Hampton, NY 11937

  • "Janet Mait: High Wire" Opens July 30

  •  Lawrence Fine Art is delighted to present “Janet Mait: High Wire” which will open July 30 with a reception from 6:30-9:00 pm. This is Mait’s second exhibition at the gallery and first solo presentation. 

    Mait’s work is unnerving in a sense: Her compositions seem as if they are stacked haphazardly, about to fall, but they never do. This is the “high wire” of the show’s title. Mait’s compositional technique involves the tense balance of form, color and space, what Hans Hoffman might have called the “pushpull.” Out of this tension emerge graceful abstractions that seem to float up out of the canvas and into your heart. 
    Mait has studied with Chaim Gross and Larry Poons at the Art Students League, as well as William Scharf, who in turn was a protégé of Rothko. It is from Rothko that we believe Mait gets the shimmering sense of light in her work. 
    Mait’s work is in several notable collections including that of the Conde-Nast Collection. 

    37 Newtown Lane (in the passageway) East Hampton

  • "Harriette Joffe: Works on Paper" opens July 14

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will open "Harriette Joffe:  Works on Paper" on Thursday, July 14 with an opening reception from 6:30-9:00 pm.  This exhibition is part of the gallery's summer program "Works in Progress:  Artists in Their 80s and 90s" which includes Stan Brodsky, Audrey Flack, Paul Resika, Amaranth Ehrenhalt and Athos Zacharias, besides Joffe.  This is the gallery's third solo exhibition of Joffe's work.

    Lawrence Fine Art 37 Newtown Lane (in the passageway) East Hampton, NY

  • "Paul Resika: Boats and Sails" Opens June 23


    Lawrence Fine Art is delighted to present "Paul Resika: Boats and Sails" opening Thursday, June 23rd. The opening of the exhibition will take place at the Art Hamptons Preview Party, also on the 23rd, with select works on display.  Thereafter, the exhibition will  continue at the gallery. The gallery will also offer a talk with Resika and long-time gallerist representative Lori Bookstein on Saturday, June 25th, 4:30 pm, at Art Hamptons.

    Lawrence Fine Art 23 Newtown Lane East Hampton, NY

  • Art Hamptons, June 23-26

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will participate in the upcoming Art Hamptons, opening June 23-June 26. This marks the gallery's fourth appearance at this prestigious event.  The fair will be located at 900 Lumber Lane, in Bridgehampton.

    The gallery will show works by Howard Schatz, Stan Brodsky, Paul Resika, Bill Alpert, George Schulman, Janet Mait, Steve Romm, Harriette JOffe and Anna Walinska.

    900 Lumber Lane, Bridgehampton, NY

  • "Stan Brodsky at 91" Opens Memorial Day Weekend

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will open "Stan Brodsky at 91" at its East Hampton gallery on Memorial Day weekend with an opening reception on Saturday, May 28 from 7:30-9:30 pm. The exhibition opens the gallery's summer season. It is part of a series of exhibitions and presentations over the summer focusing on artists in their 80s and 90s. These will conclude in August with a group show called "Works in Progress: Artists in their 80s and 90s."


    "We are so pleased to present Stan's new work," said gallery owner Howard Shapiro.  "A modest man in person, his work speaks for itself.  It is color incarnated."


     Brodsky is considered one of Long Island’s most prominent contemporary artists.  For 50 years, Brodsky has created abstract works of lyrical beauty inspired by the Long Island landscape and his travels in the United States and abroad.  His multi-layered paintings exude dynamic energy and reveal an elegant sensitivity to color rare among his contemporaries.

    Lawrence Fine Art 37 Newtown Lane (in the passageway) East Hampton, NY 11937

  • "Larry Wolhandler: Bardic Aspiration"

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will open "Larry Wolhandler: Bardic Aspirations" at its East Hampton Gallery with an opening reception on Saturday, October 10. The show will continue for one month.  

    Wolhandler's work seeming turns the process of painting inside out, deconstructing the pictoral plane and compositional elements.  In the process, he creates works of uncommon delicacy and shimmering, pale colors.

    This is Wolhandler's third exhibition at Lawrence Fine Art.

    37 Newtown Lane (in the passageway), East Hampton

  • Anna Walinska: Abstractionis from the 50s and 60s

  •  Lawrence Fine Art is pleased to announce that it will present "Anna Walinska: Abstractions from the 50s and 60s" at its East Hampton Gallery, Saturday, August 15, with an opening reception from 5-8 pm.  The Gallery will also highlight select works by Walinska at Art Southampton, July 9-13.  Most of the works in the show were exhibited previously at the artist's career retrospective at the Jewish Museum in 1967 or at the Baltimore Museum of Fine Art.

    We will post images of the works on our website approximately one month before the show. For more information, please contact the gallery at 516-547-8965 or

    37 Newtown Lane (in the passageway), East Hampton

  • "Barbara Macklowe: Floreale" Opens August 22

  •  Lawrence Fine Art is pleased to announce that it will open "Barbara Macklowe: Floreale" at its East Hampton Gallery, Saturday, August 22, with a reception from 5-8 pm. Using her acclaimed East Hampton garden as inspiration, Barbara creates highly abstracted images of flora and flowers. Barbara's garden will be featured in Guild Hall's "Garden as Art" tour earlier in the day.

    37 Newtown Lane (in the passageway)

  • "Athos Zacharias: Taking Chances" Opens May 7

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will show never-before-seen works from the 90s by Athos Zacharias, opening May 7, with a reception from 5-7 pm.  Zacharias is a last living link the the first generation of New York School artists.  He was DeKooning's first gallery assistant and worked for Elaine DeKooning, Alfonso Assorio and Lee Krasner, among others.  His work can be found in the collection of the Corcoran, among others.

    37 Newtown Lane

  • Lawrence Fine Art Announces Summer 2015 Exhibition Schedule

  •  Lawrence Fine Art announced that its summer exhibition schedule will highlight new developments in abstraction.  The gallery will exhibit known masters along with emerging new voices across media.

    "Artists continue to discover new dimensions in abstraction, and abstraction remains the dominant mode of artistic expression," explains Gallery Director Howard Shapiro. "We are calling this our 'Summer of Abstraction' to call attention to our exploration."

    Lyrical abstraction, conceptual abstraction, geometric abstraction, abstract expressionism and fusion will all see strong representation in the summer's exhibitions.

    The gallery will open its summer schedule on Saturday, May 23rd, Memorial Day Weekend with "Hard Edge:  Work by Sen2 and Reso." Both are well-known graffiti artists, Sen2 here in America and Reso in Germany, who have been working toward a graffiti-abstract fusion. The two have shown together before, in Europe and Puerto Rico, with much success.  "We like the combination of Latin passsion and German precision," says Shapiro.

    Next the gallery takes a step back to the future when it shows new works by 84-year-old abstract expressionist-colorfield painter Joe Novak.  Novak's artistic background links him closely to what is generally known as the New York School.  His influences, including Rothko and Pollock, and mentors such as Peter Busa and Esteban Vicente, played key roles in the efflorescence of American abstract painting.

    An exhibition in East Hampton marks a return of sorts for Novak:  He showed repeatedly in the 80s at Vered Gallery. His work is in numerous museum and private collections.

    "New Voices" is the name of the next exhibition at Lawrence Fine Art.  It will look at three promising new artists:  Janet Mait, Suzanne LaFleur and Deb Lawrence. "Just when you think there is nothing new to say, these three come along and prove us wrong," says Shapiro. 

    "David Einstein:  Raw Gestures" explores the work of California artist David Einstein, whose work has not been seen on the East Coast in some time.  "Einstein's gestural abstraction has a semiotic quality to it," notes Shapiro.  "It is a study of how meaning is created, not what is." Indeed, the artist calls himself "a mark maker," as much as a painter.  His work is influenced by Japanese calligraphy as well as Hebrew script.

    Einstein's work can be found in numerous museums and private collections, including the Crocker Museum, the Albright Knox Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, and others.

    "It's hard to write about next fall when there is snow on the ground!" says Shapiro.  "However our fall schedule will open with rock-and-roll photographer Steve Joester's punk reworking of some amazing scenes from Old Havana.  Stay tuned!"

  • Boston Art and Design of the 20th and 21st Centuries

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will showcase modern and contemporary artists  focusing on abstraction at Boston's AD20/21, Art and Design of the 20th and 21st Centuries, March 26-29th.


    "This will be a bit of a preview for our 'Summer of Abstraction,' which will highlight new developments in abstraction across media," said Gallery Director Howard Shapiro. "The summer's exhibitions will highlight both emerging and established artists working abstractly."


    Among the artists the gallery will show in Boston is Rolph Scarlett. The gallery will show a series of mixed media collages that were created around 1950.  "Scarlett is a gallery favorite," said Shapiro.  "As we  continue to explore the many works acquired from the Sam Esses estate, we keep turning up new treasures such as these collages.  They are 'Motherwell' before Motherwell was Motherwell."


    The gallery will also show works by Ohio artist Deb Lawrence for the first time.  Lawrence paints imperfect grids in oil on antique hand-woven linen.  "They are abstract paintings but with a highly structural feel to them," said Shapiro.  


    Lowell Miller's work created quite a buzz when the gallery first showed him this spring at the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, and the gallery plans to show his highly erotic sculptures in Boston, as well. "'Venus' and 'Black Venus' ask us to reexamine our racially-, religiously- and culturally-determined hierarachies of beauty," said Shapiro.


    The gallery will also show new work by Harriette Joffe from her "RiverJazz" series.  "What can I say? Joffe is creating some of her best work at age 80," said Shapiro.


    AD20/21 takes place March 26-29 at the Cyclorama in Boston.

    Cyclorama, Boston

  • "Judy Mauer: NYC Dolls" Opens October 11

  • Lawrence Fine Art 37 Newtown Lane East Hampton

  • "The Art of Tomorrow: Works on Paper by Rolph Scarlett" Opens September 11

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will open "The Art of Tomorrow: Rolph Scarlett Works on Paper" on September 11 at its East Hampton Gallery.  The show continues through October 8. The show will include a series of Miro-esque works from the 1940s as well as a series of black and white works from the 1950s that pre-date Motherwell and are contemporaneous with Franz Kline.  Scarlett was a favorite of collector and museum founder Solomon Guggenheim.  This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Guggenheim's seminal show "The Art of Tomorrow," which included work by Scarlett, Kandinsky, Rudolf Bauer and others.

    Lawrence Fine Art East Hampton

  • Suzanne LaFleur: Serene Refuge"

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will open "Suzanne LaFleur: Serene Refuge" at its East Hampton Gallery on Saturday, August 2, with an opening reception from 5-8 pm. LaFleur works in lyrical abstraction and has already garnered critical attention with awards from the National Arts Club and Guild Hall, East Hampton. This is her first solo exhibition.

    Lawrence Fine Art, 37, Newtown Lane, East Hampton

  • "Arthur Pinajian: The Nudes" Opens July 19

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will present "Arthur Pinajian:  The Nudes" opening July 17 with an opening reception July 19 at 5 pm.  The Gallery will also show select nudes at Art Hamptons, July 10-14. 

    "The Arthur Pinajian story is one of near-loss and discovery,' said Gallery Owner Howard Shapiro. 

    This will be the first time that the nudes will be exhibited. The gallery plans to focus on the early, abstracted nudes.

    For more information, contact the gallery at or 516-547-8965.

    Lawrence Fine Art, 37 Newtown Lane (in the passageway), East Hampton

  • "Marjorie Strider: Second International Girlie Show" Opens June 28

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will mark the 50th anniversary of acclaimed Pop artist Marjorie Strider's first show with an exhibition of new works, to open June 28th at the gallery, with an opening reception from 5-8 pm.  

    The title of the show is "The Second International Girlie Show," which references the first show Strider received at Pace Gallery in 1964.  Also exhibiting in that show were Wesselman, Warhol and Lichtenstein.

    Lawrence Fine Art will also show Strider's work at Art Southampton from July 24-28th with an artist meet and greet Friday of the show.


    Lawrence Fine Art 37 Newtown Lane (in the passageway) East Hampton

  • "Leon Dabo: Jolie Fleurs" Opens June 12; Gallery Talk June 14

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will open "Leon Dabo:  Jolie Fleurs" at its East Hampton Gallery on Thursday, June 12 with an opening reception and gallery talk on Saturday, June 14.

    Dabo (1865-1965) was a French-American artist considered the prime student of Whistler and LaFarge.  He is known for his early tonalist paintings, Aesthetic Movement florals and later landscapes of the French countryside.  He was one of the original organizers of the 1913 Armory Show that brought Modernism to America.  The gallery will exhibit "Canadian Night" which was shown at the Armory Show.

    Paul Gallagher of Stillwell House Antiques and Fine Art will deliver a gallery talk on Saturday, June 14 at 4:30 pm entitled "In Plain Sight:  Rediscovering a Lost Master."

    Gallery: 37 Newtown Lane, East Hampton

  • Work by Carol Sears to Open Summer 2014 Season

  •   Lawrence Fine Art inaugurates its summer exhibition season with an exhibition of the work of Los Angeles artist Carol SearsLinescapes, which opens Thursday, May 22 with an opening reception Saturday, May 24.

    Australian-born, Los Angeles-based, Sears' work oscillates between compositional deliberation and what appears to be the happenstance accretion of strokes. Her work suggests that painting is most of all about possibility and evanescence.
    Sears moved to San Diego in 1965, where she worked in the art department of UC San Diego and came into contract with John Baldessari, Miriam Schapiro, Harold Cohen and Newton and Helen Harrison. She has shown extensively in the Los Angeles area.

    37 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, NY 11937

  • Lawrence Fine Art to Exhibit at Art Hamptons and Art Southampton Summer 2014

  •  Lawrence Fine Art announced today that it will participate in two of the summer's prime art fairs, Art Hamptons, July 10-14, and Art Southampton, July 24-28th.

    "We are truly honored and excited to participate in both these premier shows," said Gallery Director Howard Shapiro.  "With the opening of the new Parrish Museum and the growth of both shows, the Hamptons have become a true arts destination."

    Shapiro said that the gallery planned two varied installations for the shows centered on the gallery's summer exhibitions.  "Although the Hamptons are small geographically, during the summer season, people  do not tend to travel far, so the shows attract very different audiences.  We plan to take that into account," said Shapiro.

    The galley will feature, among others, works by Marjorie Strider, Arthur Pinajian, LA Roc, Vicki DaSilva, Crash One and Tony Chimento, all of whom will have exhibitions this summer or have been subject of exhibitions at the gallery.


    Nova's Ark, Bridgehampton; Southampton Elks Lodge

  • Join us at LA Art Show Jan. 15-19

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will offer works by noted American and French impressionist painters, including a grouping of works from the Martha Walter estate, at the upcoming LA Art Show, January 15-19.  Artists to be shown include, besides Walter, Leon Dabo, Maximilen Luce, Albert Andre and Reynolds Beal. The gallery will also highlight works by "Rediscovered Master" Arthur Pinajian and a serie of early cubo-surrealist works by Rolph Scarlett (c. 1930) as well as works by contemporary artists LA ROC, Harriette Joffe and Etsuko Ichikawa.

    LA Convention Center

  • Join us for Art Basel Miami Week

  •  Lawrence Fine Art is pleased to announce its inaugural appearance for Art Basel Miami week at the Red Dot Art Fair, December 3-8. Red Dot is located in the Wynwood Design District across from Art Miami. We will be bringing new work by graffitti artist LA ROC, photographer Judy Mauer, work by Karl Klingbiel and Harriette Joffe, as well as new work by Sen2 and others.

    Red Dot Art Fair, Wynwood Arts District, Miami

  • Boston International Fine Arts Show

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will offer works by noted American and French impressionist painters, including a grouping of works from the Martha Walter estate, at the upcoming Boston International Fine Art Show beginning Thursday, November 21st.  Artists to be shown include, besides Walter, Leon Dabo, Maximilen Luce, Albert Andre and Reynolds Beal. The gallery will also highlight works by "Rediscovered Master" Arthur Pinajian and gallery director and owner Howard Shapiro will join a panel on the subject of 'Rediscovered Masters:  Lost and Found" on Sunday.

    Walter's work comes from a series of watercolors she painted while on trips to Spain, Italy and North Africa and have been largely unseen. "They are truly a revelation," said Shapiro.  "Anyone who has seen the extraordinary Sargent watercolor show at the Brooklyn Museum will appreciate the mastery shown in these works."

    The gallery will also show works by Leon Dabo, also from the estate, a beautiful Luce floral, La Femme Assise a sa Toiletteby Andre, The Happy Clown by Milton Avery and other works of similar quality. "Boston demands the best and that is what we mean to show," said Shapiro.

    The gallery will include a selection of works by Arthur Pinajian, the discovery of whose work has rocked the art world and garnered extraordinary attention.  "At his best, he is equal to any of the master of the New York School," said Shapiro.

    Cyclorama, Boston, MA

  • Lawrence Fine Art at the Affordable Art Fair NYC


    Lawrence Fine Art will exhibit new work by artists Suzanne LaFleur, Etsuko Ichikawa, Harriette Joffe and Judy Mauer, among others, at the Affordable Art Fair NYC , from October 3-6.  

    Graffitti artist LA ROC will give a special on-site demonstration on Sunday, October 6. The fair is at The Tunnel, 269 11th Avenue, between 27th and 28th St.

    Lawrence Fine Art has a limited number of complimentary tickets available. For general admission, click here. For Private Preview Party tickets, click here. 


    The Tunnel, 269 11th Avenue

  • "Left Bank Brooklyn" Opens September 28

  • Lawrence Fine Art will open "Left Bank Brooklyn," featuring work by Brooklyn-based artists Karl Klingbiel and Robert Szot, on Saturday, September 28 with an artist's reception Saturday, October 12, Columbus Day Weekend, 4-7 pm.  The reception will coincide with Hamptons International Film Festival but finish before the movies begin. 

    "Brooklyn has become the 'Left Bank' of New York," says Gallery Director Howard Shapiro. "It features an amazing number of quality galleries and outstanding artists.  This is our way of bringing New York's 'Left Bank' to the Hamptons. We consider Karl and Rob two outstanding mid-career artists whose work is worthy of being seen and owned.  We are honored to have them show with us."

    Both Szot and Klingbiel work in abstract expressionism.  Klingbiel's work is in the Agnes Gund Collection and the collection of the MOMA. Szot shows frequently with Muriel Guelpin Gallery in NYC.

    Lawrence Fine Art

  • Steve Joester: Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Opens August 22

  •  "Steve Joester:  Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll" will open at Lawrence Fine Art, East Hamtpon, with a reception of Thursday, August 22, from 5-9 pm.

    One of the themes the gallery has been pursuing this summer--for example, in "LA ROC:  Not Keith Haring" and now with "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll"--is to revisit the art of the 70s and 80s and the confluence of pop culture, art and even music of those times.

    It was a rough and raw period in the arts--think Basquiat and the development of graffiti art. There was intense cultural experimentation across media.
    British-born Joester photographed many of the iconic rock and roll images of that period. Steve's new work and show is a look at this period and its cultural experimentation by revisiting the iconic images of the period that he shot but is now reinterpreting using mixed media and other forms of experimentation.

    Lawrence Fine Art, East Hampton

  • "Judy Mauer: New York Dolls" Held Over

  • Due to strong response, Lawrence Fine Art will hold over "Judy Mauer:  New York Dolls" until Friday, August 9.

    37 Newtown Lane, East Hampton (in the passageway)

  • Larry Wolhandler: All About the Process Opening Reception Saturday, July 27

  •  Lawrence Fine Art will host a reception on Saturday, July 27, 5-7 pm, in conjunction with the opening of Larry Wolhandler:  All About the Process.  Wolhandler is a conceptual painter whose moody works are a commentary on the process of creating a painting, in effect unveiling the process at the same time as he presents the "finished" object.

    Lawrence Fine Art 37 Newtown Lane (in the passageway) East Hampton

  • LA Roc: Not Keith Haring Opens July 11

  •  LA ROC: Not Keith Haring, an exhibition of new work by graffitti atist, Angel Ortiz, aka LA ROC, or LA II, will open at Lawrence Fine Art in East Hampton from July 11th to July 28th with a fashion show and reception Saturday, July 20th starting at 5 pm.


    One of original graffitti artists of the 1970s and 1980s, he was sought out by Keith Haring in 1981 because of his distinctively unique “tag.” That initial bond created an artistic partnership that, over the next 5 years, would generate some of the most iconic pop art work of the 1980s. LA ROC introduced Keith Haring to genuine street art culture and considerably influenced his development as an artist. Even after Haring's death in 1990, LA ROC never stopped creating. True to his street art roots, he turns even the most mundane objects into functional sculpture. Many of these pieces will be showcased in the exhibition, along with some of his finest canvases to date.

    Lawrence Fine Art, East Hampton

  • The Horizontalists Opens June 6

  • Lawrence Fine Arts will present "The Horizontalists" at its East Hampton Gallery beginning June 6.  Artist Etsuko Ichikawa will also give a gallery talk on Saturday, June 8 at 2 pm in conjunction with the show. The gallery has also published an exhibition catalogue, available on line.

    This group pours, paints, drips, abrades, scrapes and fires pigments on horizontal surfaces as they bear down from above onto floors or tables rather than easels or walls. "Gravity is our friend," says painter and art critic John Perreault.  "We are not turning painting upside down.  We are turning painting on its side."

  • Art Hamptons July 11-14

  • Lawrence Fine Art is pleased to announce it has been selected to exhibit at Art Hamptons, July 11-14 at Nova's Ark in Bridgehampton.  "We are delighted to have been selected," said Gallery Director Howard Shapiro.  "This show draws an engaged, art savvy crowd and we are looking forward to participating."

    The Gallery presentation will focus on three artists:  Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Artist Harriette Joffe, for whom the gallery mounted a lifetime retrospective in 2012 and will present "New Works" beginning June 27; mid-century master Arthur Pinajian for whom the gallery is mounting "Arthur Pinajian:  Lost Master" beginning May 20; and contemporary sculptor Jerold Ehrlich whose work is currently on exhibit in the gallery.

  • Arthur Pinajian: Lost Master

  • The Unlikely Discovery That Has Rocked The Art World"

    Lawrence Fine Art (  is pleased to announce it will present “Arthur Pinajian: Lost Master” at its East Hampton Gallery beginning May 20th. Pinajian’s [1914-1999] work, which had been relegated to the town dump and was discovered in a Bellport, Long Island garage and saved, has garnered extraordinary attention since Rediscovered Masters mounted an exhibition in NYC, including being featured on ABC’s “Good Morning America” as “the unlikely discovery that has rocked the art world." The New York Times also featured a story on this extraordinary discovery (

    Several museums have already purchased his work for their permanent collections. The Gallery will accommodate requests by collectors, curators and museums for private viewings.  Please contact Howard Shapiro at 516-547-8965.

    After Pinajian's death in 1999, five decades of accumulated work were found stacked up in the one-car garage and attic of the Bellport, Long Island cottage he shared with his sister. He had left instructions for the work to be discarded in the town dump. At the last moment, an artist cousin refused to let the town garbage truck haul away the paintings.  Instead, the family contacted noted art historian Professor William Innes Homer to examine the works. He was stunned by what he found:  a large body of abstract landscapes and extraordinary mid-century abstractions.  He, in turn, contacted noted art historian Peter Hastings Falk who shared his conclusion that this was an extraordinary find.

    Homer, Falk and noted art critic John Perreault have collaborated on a hard-cover book on the artist.  Homer writes of Pinajian:  "Ultimately Pinajian's work reflects the soul of a flawed, yet brilliant, artistic genius.  When he hits the mark, especially in his abstractions, he can be ranked among the best artists of his era. . . . His life is, above all, a model for those who feel that they must follow their calling despite the lack of public acceptance."

    Falk will give a talk on Pinajian on Saturday, June 1 at 2 pm.  For further details, contact the gallery. Lawrence Fine Art is located at 37 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, NY.

    At the Gallery, 37 Newtown Lane, East Hampton

  • Rolph Scarlett: Geometrics and Beyond

  • Lawrence Fine Art will present a retrospective of the work of American modernist painter Rolph Scarlett at the Gallery beginning April 18th and running through May.

    "Rolph Scarlett was there at every pivotal point in the development of Modernism in America," says Gallery Director Howard Shapiro.  "Yet his contribution to American modernism continues to be underestimated and too often limited to an appreciation of his geometric works."

    Best known for his geometrics ala Kandinsky, Scarlett was a protean talent and an early modernist master on a par with Hartley, Marin or Stella. His ouevre encompasses superb early cubist works, biomorphics, abstract expressionist paintings, surrealism and drip paintings.  For years, his work was collected by a knowledgeable few and his estate closely held. His works, along with those of Klee and Kandinsky, composed the original collection that became the Guggenheim Museum.

    "Scarlett was producing superb gestural works ala Kline in the early 1940s," says Shapiro, and "It is a little known fact that he painted along-side Pollock and that his drip paintings were exhibited at the Whitney in 1951. My favorites are his Miro-esque watercolor works in which he allows the paper to absorb the paint."

    The Gallery exhibition will survey Scarlett's works from the early teens onward with superb examples from all eras. Many of the works come from the collection of Sam Esses, a noted collector of Scarlett's work.

    Lawrence Fine Art is located at 37 Newtown Lane in East Hampton, NY.


    At the Gallery