Fair: Miami Project, December  1, 2015 – December  6, 2015

Miami Project

December 1 - 6, 2015

The gallery will highlight an array of work by contemporary and modern artists, including work by two of DeKooning's students and work by acclaimed photography artist Howard Schatz.

Lawrence Fine Art will show an array of work by seminal artists across media at the upcoming Miami Project during Art Basel Miami week. These include works by Knox Martin and photograpy by Howard Schatz. The gallery will also show work by Athos Zacharias, who was DeKooning's first gallery assistant, and work by Deb Lawrence, Harriette Joffe, LA ROC, Anna Walinska and Janet Mait.
"This is our first time exhibiting at Miami Project, so it is our opportunity to put our best foot forward and show collectors, both advanced and beginning, who we are," said Gallery Director Howard Shapiro.
"We are exceptionally proud to be showing work by Knox Martin," said Shapiro. "At 92-years-old, he is a last living link to the post-WWII New York School artists, a recognized teacher of many great artists for more than 40 years and an art historian in his own right."
The gallery will be showing select works from Martin's "She" series. Upon viewing this work, the painter Will Barnet said to Martin: "You are America's greatest painter."
Also on display will be photography by Howard Schatz. Schatz was just awarded a 2015 Lucie Award by the Lucie Foundation, considered one of the most prestigious awards in the field of photography.
The gallery will also show work by Deb Lawrence, Harriette Joffe and Janet Mait. "We consider these as artists who should be on the checklist of any collector interested in early- or mid-career female artists," said Shapiro.
Finally, the gallery will show a selection of small abstractions by Athos Zacharias. "We found them in a drawer," said Shapiro. "They simply must be seen by collectors who enjoy classic abstract expressionism."
Miami Project takes place at the Deauville Beach Resort in Miami Beach from December 1-6.

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